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Club Background


Polo has been played for twenty centuries! Although the exact origins of the sport are unknown, there is evidence that the game, or a form of it, was played when man first domesticated the horse. From the past to the present, polo has enjoyed far reaching geographical participation, from the 6th Century B.C. Persian Empire, through Arabia, China, Greece, Japan, India, England, Argentina, the United States, and inevitably, Southern California.
Known as the "Sport of Kings," today's polo is played by those who are neither royal birth nor of regal means. At the OC Polo Club, this new generation of polo players is able to enjoy the sport of polo at all levels. We welcome any youngster or adult, male or female, to learn the game of polo. Economic status is not a barrier to advancement, and the fans in Southern California can learn to appreciate and enjoy the fine points of the game. Emphasis is placed on team play and the spirit of amateur athletics.  The fast action of arena polo is a popular weekend activity. Owned and operated by the members, the club maintains the expertise of a professional polo trainer and manager. The Polo Club offers polo lessons, games, tournaments and horse leasing. Full stabling and horse maintenance are also available.