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Polo Lessons at OC Polo

Lesson Policies and Procedures 
From Private to Group Lessons to Club Chukka

A message from the President to new Students

Welcome to our Polo Family!

Congratulations on choosing one of the most exciting and rewarding sports in the equestrian community!  Polo has been played for centuries;  its origins being traced back to 600 B.C. in Tibet (notice the wallpaper on the background of the site?)  While Polo has aristocratic roots, today's polo varies from casual beginners to highly paid professionals!  Through all levels, polo is known as a family sport.

The OC Polo Club was established in 1990 as an Arena Club.  Through the years it has become one of the best clubs in California. We have hosted the Shady Lady Invitational, the only PRO_AM Arena Tournament that gathers pros and patrons from all California, look for articles published in Polo Players' Edition and other magazines!  Our players own from 1 to 10 horses and regularly travel to play in tournaments all over Southern California.  Scrimmage games are played 3 times per week and we host 7 to 10 home tournaments every year.

We pride ourselves in quality school horses and a very enjoyable lesson program!  As you come to know our Club Members, you will enjoy the exciting atmosphere and warm friendship of our Club.  We look forward to having you enhance our family and learn about the great sport of Polo!

Denny Geiler
President, OC Polo Club